Risk Management and Fraud Control

Frauds with Banks or Financial Institutions:RISK MANAGEMENT AND FRAUD CONTROL
Fraudulent loan applications using false information to hide a credit history of financial problems and unpaid loans to financial corporations.
Forged or fraudulent documents or accounts to overstate profits in order to make a risky loan appear to be a sound investment for the bank.
The borrower may even be a non-existent entity and the loan merely an artifice to conceal a theft of a large sum of money from the bank.

Credit Profile Verifications:
Credit Profile Verifications checks the history of the prospective customers to identify any financial issues that could affect their ability to meet financial commitments. Specifically the report will identify overall risk score to assist the credit officer to assess the individual’s ability to maintain financial repayments.
We provide vital information to check customer risks before providing the credit.
The period when the small ticket personal loans were launched our contribution was significant in preventing fraud losses and ensuring better portfolio quality

Fraud Control Unit:
Document Verifications Sampling is screening of the documents and applications by the trained experts for its authenticity and genuineness. This is a tool to prevent the frauds prevailing in the market .